Flosker Textile provides services in various sectors with manufacturing factories of leather, suede and fabric. Located on an indoor area of 65,000 m2 upholstery with nonwoven and wowen fabric, clothing, shoes, bags, leather craft and agenda sector products are manufactured by use of state of the art technologies at the Hadımköy technical leather factory.

Creating Value

The only way to improve life towards the better and the more beautiful is to create values and to make the difference.


We maintain our course as a company which always produces innovations and thinks ahead and try to shape up the future while managing the present.

Cooperation and Development

Our bond with our shareholders and our team work we carry out with them is of vital importance.

Strong Communication

People and relationships are at the center of our business. We are a part of the modern world and we believe we can make it a better place.


Our Brands

Discover our range of products and the world of opportunities we provide to you. A number of our brands will guide you in determining your needs…


Sertex, the leading architect of the world of upholstery, fulfills all requirements in the sector ranging from furniture to decoration thanks to its experience, expertise and its productivity. Sertex products which you can combine leather, suede and fabric product groups both amongst themselves and with each other, provide privileges for all your living quarters.


The brand Sedir where you can find all quality and affordable products for upholstery leather, suede and fabric, provides all the products the consumers need with a colorful range of products and with its expertise. The products with the most fundamental qualifications in the leather, suede and fabric product group meet the consumers without compromising quality and design.


Having joined Flokser Textile in the last quarter of 2014, Smartex takes its place in the market by bringing a new perspective to the upholstery sector. Smartex that enables you to make combinations with a wide range of beautiful colors and designs, makes the difference with leather, suede and fabric product groups .


In the sector for over 30 years with its technical leather, suede and fabric products, Flokser Textile has taken a significant position in the shoe and sub-industry manufacturing sector. Offering shoe, leather craft and bag product groups which the market is need of with the Welleather brand, flokser Textile fulfills the requirements of the market with trendy and advanced technology product groups.


Having first started manufacturing with technical leather apparel products in 1990, Flokser Textile manufactures apparel products which the market is need of by making use of the state of the art technologies by bonding the past and the present with the Crea brand. Also executing the production of woven fabrics for apparels in addition to technical leather, Crea offers many alternatives with its apparel qualities such as plain woven fabrics, gabardine, Panama woven fabrics, jacquard, cotton and cotton polyester shirts, viscose voile and flock woven fabrics.

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